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Concrete floors are practical for many homes and businesses. However, concrete does have some weaknesses, including a dull look and proneness to cracking. That is where a concrete floor coating contractor can come in handy. B & T Floor Coatings is the top provider of epoxy and concrete flooring installations and repairs in Lawton, Oklahoma. Our contractors are fully insured and licensed to manage your residential or commercial flooring project. We can help protect your concrete floor with a stylish and practical epoxy coating design.

What Is a Concrete Coating?

The purpose of a concrete coating is to protect your concrete from various things such as cracks, weather damage, and moisture. Many of our clients choose to apply a concrete coating layer over their driveways, giving them a smooth appearance. Your driveway is one of the most visible parts of your home. Therefore, you want it to look as pleasant as possible. Our concrete coating will improve the curb appeal of your home by covering cracks, scratches, and stains.

Newly coated concrete driveway

Where to Install Professional Floor Coating

There are a few areas of your home suitable for concrete coating.
The concrete coating works well with patios, as they are exposed and susceptible to water damage. Plus, decks must support a lot of weight, as accidents may cause injury.
Garage Floor Coating
Garages arguably accrue more wear and tear than any other area of your home. They are responsible for holding your motor vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, you must have a stable flooring structure in place.
Sheds/Storage Units
Similarly, your shed may house your landscaping equipment, marble plant holders, and other heavy items. A layer of coating will help protect your floor from ruin. Also, if you own a storage unit, our concrete coating will help support heavy furniture and protect your valuables from damage.

Our Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Puts Other Floor Coating Companies to Shame

A B & T Floor Coatings concrete floor coating contractor will provide quality advice, allowing you to pick the best epoxy coating for your home or business. We do our best to work within your budget, providing you with an epoxy floor that will last you years. A B & T Floor Coatings concrete floor coating contractor in Lawton, Oklahoma, is happy to take your call to discuss your flooring project in depth. Call (580) 713-6496 to schedule an installation.

Affordable Prices

Our professional floor coating contractors will do their best to offer you an affordable quote. Residential floor coatings should last you up to three decades. Therefore, you do not have to worry about making multiple coating purchases.

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