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High-traffic areas of your home or business need a practical flooring design that can withstand sizable mass. You will also need a material that fights back against wear and tear. The answer to your flooring needs is metallic epoxy coating. B & T Floor Coatings proudly serves the Lawton community with expert epoxy flooring services. We strive to improve the flooring conditions of Lawton homes and businesses. Your metal epoxy floor coating will shine bright, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

A Professional Floor Coating Solution

Our epoxy mixture consists of several ingredients that will help bring out the beauty of your metallic floor. These ingredients include epoxy resin, hardener, and more. This combination creates a glossy look that makes your floor sparkle and shines. Best of all, our service is customizable. There are many things you can do with a metallic epoxy solution. We may add more metal pigments to make your floor appear more luxurious. Or, we can make your concrete floor coating system more reflective and sleek. Our coating will help prevent oil, grease, and chemicals from staining your floor.

Metallic floor coating on floor in hallway

Working with Epoxy Floor Coating Companies

Metallic epoxy floors require little maintenance. However, you must not ignore the cleaning process. We recommend cleaning high-traffic areas daily. Fortunately, the cleaning process is simple, as you will only need to use a dust mop to clean your floor. Make sure that you test all your cleaning chemicals before using them on your metallic epoxy floor. You do not want to turn your floor design cloudy by using the wrong chemicals. Also, note that metallic epoxy is different from the standard epoxy you see in stores. Our 100% solids epoxy is hardened, making it ideal for holding a lot of mass. The epoxy in stores is a floor paint solution mixed with metallic ingredients.

Hire an Epoxy Floor Installer Today

B & T Floor Coatings is Lawton’s home for premium metallic epoxy coating. We install residential and commercial epoxy coatings to hundreds of Lawton homes and businesses each year. With decades of experience, our team is capable of resolving any flooring issue you may encounter. To get a quote for our epoxy floor coating services, call B & T Floor Coatings’ Lawton, OK, office at (580) 713-6496.

Affordable Prices

Our professional floor coating contractors will do their best to offer you an affordable quote. Residential floor coatings should last you up to three decades. Therefore, you do not have to worry about making multiple coating purchases.

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